If you want to become a Minister.....
By :  Khateeb Mohammad Ansar


For the sake of employment or for some business if you go to stay away from your home at least at a distance of 100 kms, the lodge manager, or the owner of the accommodation demands your Identity Card to prove your domicile.  Once you pass B.Ed., to become a teacher, you need to appear for the Eligibility Test to prove that you are quite capable of teaching a class of 40 students.  Should you opt for a career of an Advocate, a normal degree of Arts or Science is not going to be enough, but in addition to that you need to pursue for a law degree called B.L.  You cannot get even a building demolition contract, if you do not possess an Engineering degree of BE.  You have an ambition to become a doctor, then study medicine and surgery.  If someone is destined to become an office boy or an orderly, at least he should qualify himself  by passing 12th standard called +2.  These qualifications are necessary because ...

..... In order to qualify yourself in any science, you should possess the theoretical and fundamental knowledge of that particular discipline.  That is why, to fill a vacant position of a magistrate, jury or judge, no businessman or a professor or a teacher is recommended, nor deputed at any time.  In spite of all these, politics is the only platform which has rendered all these degrees, qualifications, and accomplishments useless.

If you want to become a Railway Minister, it does not matter if you do not know why ballast (crushed stones) is used below the tracks.  Who cares if you are ignorant of the reasons why the vehicle used in the battle field is called a “Tank”, but still you want to become a Defense Minister.

The right to demand a degree or a qualification certificate from you belongs to the very politicians whom you voted to become a head of Panchayat Board, Municipality, Corporation, Assembly or Parliament.  The government officers and other employees helping these politicians are those who have been paid out of your tax money.

Do you know that you have the right to ask a degree or eligibility certificate from the politicians ?  You never ask about their qualifications and eligibility when they come to your door step asking for your precious vote.  You neither ask him as to why does he want to come to the political arena, nor what good has he done to the neighbors.  How many needy people has he helped or how much time can he spend for the service of the people.  Are you ready to serve those who don’t vote for you.?

If your party does not come to the power, are you ready to cooperate with the ruling party.  Could you point out their wrong policies and question them, giving your valuable advice?  Can you work for the poor and the rich alike and try to fulfill their demands, or only spend the time finding fault with the ruling party?  Would you try to pull them down proving them ineffective?

Would you keep up your promises you make to get the vote.  After getting vote, would you make the friend an enemy and the enemy a friend?

Till now we have not exercised our rights, due to which the political arena has been overcrowded with seekers of the wealth and fame. The problems of a common man are on the rise day by day rather than decreasing.  In order to get rid of such people making the country and society better, immediately we need to do the following :

We need to sue a case, file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the court of law, seeking direction of the court to standardize the qualifications for the seekers of power right from the Panchayat Board to the Parliament.  We need to demand in our PIL all the facilities and perks of the government are reserved for the needy and poor Members, retaining the sanctioning authority with the courts.  By doing this we can hope that most of the problems will disappear and the country could rapidly see the path of development.

Disseminate this message amongst all the voting public to create awareness.

12 November 2014